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Innovative, Trendy

& Affordable

A unique collection of modules designed to complement any home staging project, an elegant, versatile and budget friendly solution.

Practical & Easy

to Assemble

Modules easily fit in any car trunk for an easy transport and one person can assemble any module in less than 5 minutes.

Great For Vacant &

Small Spaces

The modules are ideal to complement the staging of any vacant space, large or small, without adding any extra effort or big costs.

Stage for less & impress!


Improve The Market Appeal Of Any Property

Using CUBIQZ modules for staging opens up a wide range of opportunities for Stagers, Realtors and Property Developers.

Any vacant space, whether small or large can benefit from the versatile modules, which easily combine with any traditional staging style. Use the easy to assemble pieces in small spaces where transportation of large furniture can be challenging. Or use in large properties together with real pieces to stage all available rooms while saving on transportation and set-up costs.

Our solution supports the staging process and increases the marketability of any property by speeding up the sale, reducing the staging costs and requiring much less efforts to display.


Reduce Transportation & Set-up Costs

Staging smaller and vacant properties is a growing business and a great way to speed up sales.

Many times, tranditional furniture requires much effort to be transported and set up in small properties, many without elevators and narrow staircases. When using CUBIQZ modules, accessibility is not an issue, as pieces are lightweight, transported flat and can easily be fit in any space, no matter how small.

The easy to assemble pop-up modules that simulate any real pieces such as sofas, tables, beds, cabinets, and anything required to properly stage an otherwise vacant home can easily be combined with real pieces for an amazing final result.


The Perfect Combination

The clean lines of the design, the exclusive tailor-made and eco-friendly fabric slipcovers and the available range of pieces perfectly blend in with any furniture style used in the staging project to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

CUBIQZ USA offers a wide selection of different modules, sofas, beds, cabinets, desks, tables, and even firplaces which together with any real piece will deliver a fabulous staging project where no compromises on style and elegance need to be made.



Stage quickly & efficiently

The carefully engineered design and the modular sytem can easily be assembled, disassembled, flattened, folded and fit into a especially designed bag or box and be transported in the trunk of any car.

A complete room kit fits in the convenient Carry Bag ® especially designed for the CUBIQZ USA system.

One bag can fit all the pop-up modules of an entire room and it can be carried by one person, fit into any SUV trunk and driven to the next project  without the need of large elevators, trucks or moving crews.

one room, one person, in less than 30 minutes

Our pop-up pieces are easy and quick to assemble, require no tools and one person is able to stage one room in less than 30 minutes, without the assistance of movers, installers or extra help.

The destaging process is equally fast and efficient, saving not only physical efforts but also time and money.

Modules can be stored in the convenient CarryBag® or in the boxes where they were shipped, and will be ready to be reused in the next staging project.

A unique solution for home stagers & realtors


It’s beyond proven that a vacant property turned into a homy living space and displaying good online pictures will sell faster. Today, more than 89% of home buyers find photos to be “the most useful feature” of a listing. The CUBIQZ USA pop-up pieces offer a great complementary solution to create realistic pictures in a fast, convenient and affordable way.

In average, 25% of Buyers’ Agents reported that Home Staging increased the dollar value offered by their Clients between 1% and 5% compared to other homes not staged (*).

(*) Source: National Association of Realtors® 2019 Home Staging Profile


Less expensive than conventional staging


Faster selling when listings display good pictures

Home Staging Professionals can now combine real furniture pieces with pop-up modules and offer a new alternative solution to their Customers for a practical, elegant & affordable staging solution.

As the creator of Home Staging, I am extremely impressed by CUBIQZ! Their quality products are wonderful tools for all Professional Home Stagers to use in their Business, serving Sellers and Real Estate Agents everywhere. Personally, I am in love with the CUBIQZ Cardboard Kitchens! CUBIQZ is setting a new standard in the Home Staging Industry to set the scene Economically with a High-Quality Product for all.

Barb SchwarzThe Creator of Home Staging ® & Home Staging Industry



Professionals across the world are successfully integrating CUBIQZ modules into their staging projects. See how to easily transform a space with our system, with much less efforts and cost without compromising the final result.


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Read what professionals around the world shared with us
when integrating the CUBIQZ solution into their staging projects!

Casa & Co.Home Staging

As a Home Stager, I like to work with CUBIQZ products. Easy to order, to transport and to move, as a complete home furnishing fits in the trunk of my car. With timeless designs and the large choice of fabrics, I can create a different atmosphere each time. Appropriate for each target group.

Sandra RubioCustom Casa Home Stager

The cardboard furniture of CUBIQZ has given us creative solutions in empty houses that lacked soul. They are versatile, practical furniture, easy assembly, and high impact. Management, from ordering, tracking, and delivery are excellent

Javier SuárezYa Home Staging

Thanks to CUBIQZ furniture, cardboard props have given me the possibility of making those empty houses more intimate, in which acceptance has been incredible. What is surprising is to see how versatile this furniture can be, how easy to assemble and disassemble, transport and the different solutions that allow us to make, without forgetting the customer service given to us, professionals stagers, unbeatable!

Alvaro Pedrero RodríguezHispania Real Estate

The cardboard furniture is of the highest quality and allows you to recreate the image of a house furnished by a decorator. In such a way that my clients "see each other at home" in a home that has had a Home staging. Cardboard furniture allows us to reduce costs a lot compared to the use of real furniture. In addition, during a working day, it is completely assembled and disassembled.

Pilar RodríguezHabita Look Home Staging

The cardboard furniture of CUBIQZ provided us with the ideal solution to decorate the homes in which we perform a home staging. Its straight lines and elegant design, make the house look spectacular. Easy to assemble, transport and reusable. The service is punctual and personalized, from when the order begins until its delivery. We are delighted with your products and services.

ApriscoReal Estate & Project Development

For the presentation of our properties and projects, we work with the innovative modular CUBQZ furniture concept. The professional look of the cardboard kitchens and furniture combined with outstanding personal and prompt service makes CUBIQZ an ideal partner when it comes to furnishing vacant properties.

Karlijn JacobsHome Buyer

Initially, we were not going to buy this house. When we saw the original photos, we were not interested in the property at all. After the broker pointed at the improved presentation and urge us to take a look, we were greatly surprised. The temporary home furnishing with CUBIQZ gave a good impression and convinced us of the potential of the property.

MooilandRental Housing Corporation

By using CUBIQZ cardboard furniture, we have rented several vacant houses. The furnishings help our home seekers to gain an insight into eh possibilities of a home. The fast delivery, service, and professionalism of CUBIQZ are highly recommended.



The advantages of providing visual references for residential and commercial listings have a direct positive impact on the decision-making process and the sale of the units.

CUBIQZ provides a modular system that allows to properly present an otherwise empty condo, home or office.


The CUBIQZ modules are pop-up cardboard pieces designed and engineered for the sole purpose of complementing the staging of empty spaces. The pieces are not intended to be used as furniture or as toys as they can only sustain a limited weight intended for decoration items such as pillows, throws, lamps, fake plants and other small decorative items. When using the CUBIQZ pieces, you must display on each piece a custom designed DO NOT SIT sign which is provided with each item purchased.


Currently the CUBIQZ modules are no longer available for purchase in the United States but further information or orders can be obtained through our European based website http://www.cubiqz.com