CUBIQZ System Assembly Tutorials

While we trust CUBIQZ is a simple and easy system, if after reading or viewing our instructions you still feel you require additional support, please send us an email to with your question(s) and will soon contact you with a solution.

We suggest you prepare the following tools for the assembly of modules:

  • Small cutter (snap off or retractable blade)
  • Transparent tape roll (minimum width recommended 19mm / ¾ inch)

All CUBIQZ and its LUUCK series modules are simulated cardboard pieces, which are NOT intended for real seating or use. With your purchase, you will receive a set of “DO NOT SIT” signs to be placed visibly on each module. To avoid any accidents, place one DO NOT SIT sign on each unit urging visitors and customers not to use the modules in any way as the units do not stand weights exceeding 7 lbs and will collapse..

Assembly Instructions (PDF downloadable Documents):

  • Click here to download assembly instructions for the CUBIQZ modules
  • Click here to download assembly instructions for the Luuck series modules
  • Click here to download a printable letter size DO NOT SIT card warning sign

YouTube Video Tutorials:

CUBIQZ USA Presentation video

Using the CUBIQZ carry bag

Assembling a Luuck Side Table Open

Assembling a Luuck Box
with a 90° Side

Assembling a Luuck Box
with a 45° Side

Assembling a LUUCK side table

Assembling a Luuck  coffee table open

Assembling a Luuck Cabinet with 2 Niches

Assembling a LUUCK Console

Assembling a Luuck Console Open

Assembling a Luuck Cabinet 4 Niches Open

Assembling a LUUCK Cabinet with 4 Niches

Assembling a Luuck Small Desk

Assembling a one seater module

Staging a small office

Staging a Living Room

Staging a Dining Room

Staging a Master Bedroom