CUBIQZ is the brainchild of Dutch interior designer Cindy van Dijk, who teamed together with business partner Katinka Kolenaar to build and develop the successful CUBIQZ business concept across Europe.

In Holland, the vast majority of properties are sold with an unfurnished kitchen, which leaves the buyer to imagine how to properly furnish it. So in the process of staging, kitchens became a specially challenging room and so the idea of using realistic-looking cardboard modules was conceived.

In the late 2000’s with the big crisis hitting the real estate markets across the world and leaving many vacant properties unsold, the original idea soon led to an opportunity to further develop other modular pieces such as sofas, beds, cabinets, and anything required to properly present an otherwise empty home.

This was the birth of CUBIQZ Cardboard Creations!

The system developed was simple and came with an array of great advantages. Properties staged with CUBIQZ furniture offer a realistic vision, listing pictures look great, clients may easily experiment with different space combinations, it is easy to transport, install and store and last but not least, it comes with an unbeatable price tag!!

With time, CUBIQZ has become a leader in the European staging arena proving to be a powerful and practical marketing tool for both empty properties or office spaces. Its advantages have further extended to the retail and trade show industries, where some of its modules are used as displays in pop-up stores or in booths and stands.

In the last years, CUBIQZ successfully extended its business footprint across all of Europe to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland and Lithuania and keeps expanding day by day.

CUBIQZ in the US

In 2018, CUBIQZ made the big leap and landed in the United States as CUBIQZ USA.

The US market brought a brand new set of opportunities for the development of CUBIQZ but with the impact of the pandemic our operations had to be scaled down. Currently our products are no longer available directly from the US but we are looking to develop new business alliances that will allow us to resume our operations in the region. If you are interested in exploring business opportunities with us, please reach out via email through our Contact Us page.

We look forward to supporting the staging market and its stakeholders, stagers, realtors or property developers and home sellers and trust to become a leading partner in the industry while ensuring everyone can Stage for Less & Impress!

Stage for less & impress!