Can the CUBIQZ pieces be used as real furniture?

The CUBIQZ modules are simulated cardboard pieces made of soft and medium hard materials which under NO circumstances can be used as real furniture pieces. When staging a property, ensure each piece is adequately assembled and displayed with a DO NOT SIT sign on it. For additional safety, place the large warning sign provided with your order in a visible part of the house so that visitors are aware of this. Each order is supplied with one large sign and as many individual signs as needed. In case of needing additional signs, check the section Assembly Instructions for a printable version of it.

Can the CUBIQZ pieces be used more than once?

The cardboard material used in our boxes can endure several uses provided assembly and disassembly are done with proper care. If you plan to reuse the pieces we suggest to close the boxes using small strips of transparent tape instead of the double-sided closing strips provided. When finished using it and upon disassembling a box, just cut the tape carefully so that on the next use a new tape strip can be placed right on top of the old one to avoid damaging the box.

Can CUBIQZ orders be delivered to the US, Canada or Mexico?

Yes, for the time being, orders from US, Canada or Mexico will be served from our Netherlands main location. However, while we can help customers organize the order shipping, the customer will be responsible for directly paying the freight forwarder shipping company for transport, import and duties as applicable locally. For further queries, please contact our Customer Care Department through our site Contact Us.

How is shipment cost calculated?

Currently, for deliveries to the US, Canada and Mexico, our products will be served from our main site in the Netherlands and hence, shipment costs will be assessed and quoted accordingly on a case by case basis. As a general rule, our products are packed flat and unassembled in custom made large shipping boxes to avoid any damages during transit. The current shipping option available from the Netherlands main site can represent a good proportion of the total order cost.

Are the CUBIQZ bed sizes equivalent to the US bed sizes?

The CUBIQZ beds are configured using Box #8 in multiple combinations, which can easily adapt to any room size or shape. Modules are better showcased as standalone rather than included in bed frames. However, if the bed modules need to be placed inside a bed frame, we suggest using extra-thick quilt sets and extra pillows to minimize the small gaps of space.

The FULL and KING beds are the closest in size to the real ones and any gaps or differences may easily be corrected by using thick quilts and coverlets which round the shape of the boxes.

The QUEEN and TWIN size options are close to the real size one but there is no exact equivalence, and yet the differences in depth can optically be offset with the addition of a headboard and pillows.

Click on the graphic to view bed equivalences compared to our modules.

How to best prepare a bed?

Once the boxes have been assembled and laid down on the floor, place first a bed skirt to cover the boxes on all the 3 visible sides. If the bed skirt is too long and needs to be shortened, use small transparent tape strips to create a center fold and hold it together along the center of the boxes. Then add a fluffy and thick quilt to achieve the best visual results as it will round off the bed’s corners. Pillows are a very important final touch and the more you place the more realistic the results. A final touch using a matching throw will do the extra trick. Do not forget to place reinforcement crosses on each bed box for low weight resistance.

Do you provide Staging Services?

CUBIQZ does not provide staging services, but we can gladly help you connect with a Professional Stager or with any questions you may have on how to best use our solution. Feel free to Contact Us with your questions.

If you need the services of a professional stager we suggest you reach out to our partner IAHSP (International Association of Home Staging Professionals) and browse through their directory to search a professional stager near you.

IAHSP: International Association of Home Staging Professionals –

Other professional organizations which can be researched:

ASHSR: American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners –
HSRA: Home Staging & Redesign Association –
RESA: Real Estate Staging Association –

Can fabric swatches be ordered?

We do not send swatches as the fabrics used are changed with some frequency.

How do I get rid of wrinkles on slipcovers?

The best way to achieve a crisp wrinkle-free slipcover is to use a warm iron with a steam option on low. Proceed to iron the slipcover once fitted onto the module. Ensure the slipcover is stretched out all the way to the floor as to achieve best realistic results.

How to disassemble the LUUCK Series?

Once you have finished using any LUUCK series module, proceed to carefully separate its different panels, avoid damaging the connectors which you will need for the next use. Store the separated panels for the next project without fully flattening them out, so that on the next occasion you can have panels “ready-made” to create new modules or the same as before, depending on your new project’s needs.